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Flooring and furniture

for those most in need


No Floor No More CIC is a St Albans based initiative, actively alleviating difficulties around council house refurbishment.

Our emphasis is on policy change around the condition in which council houses are left in upon reissue. Our aim is to help tenants make their houses homes. 

Why do we do this?

When a council property is re-issued it is required to be stripped bare.

Properties are stripped no matter the condition of the existing flooring; leaving tenants without the bare essentials

Tenants often are unable to fund new flooring, and therefore thousands of households are living with bare floor boards or concrete. 

Apart from the human misery this causes, and the increased cost of heating bills, it means that thousands of tonnes of perfectly usable flooring is required to be sent to landfill each year!

Help us to end this madness by signing the petition here


Click here to take a look at our past home and flooring projects.

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If you'd like to get involved with our cause, get in touch today.


Spread the word if we've helped you with a flooring project.


"We faced the task of trying to get our daughters bedroom carpeted. Cost implications meant that we wouldn't be able to do this through high street carpet retailers, so we were fortunate when we stumbled across St Albans Carpet and Flooring Reuse. Pia sourced carpet and underlay for us at a fraction of the cost that it would have cost us through high street retailers... Thank you to Fazz for donating the carpet and again a massive thank you to Pia and everyone involved with St Albans Carpet and Flooring Reuse".
"I wanted to thank Pia for the amazing job. My daughter has finally for the first time since she has been born is playing in her bedroom with her carpet! Such an amazing woman. Thank you. I have to say too I only paid a donation of £10 which is less than I Can even imagine great quality carpet for ! It’s a price I’m willing to pay over and over if I could only do more. She’s not only helped me but she’s helped my daughter get her dream room after I gave up as I could never afford to get it done. If we can all share and spread the word about this amazing lady it will help millions"
"Thanks to this group we have children who can now sit on carpet rather than concrete to do their homework.

Parents who can’t afford to use the gas, but their homes will now be that bit warmer.

I’m glad that Cottonmill has another person making REAL change to peoples lives."

"Pia I can't thank you enough for your kindness, finding an amazing carpet for my front room and Walker Freeman for fitting. Me and the boys are sooo pleased with it
It has made such a difference and feels like home again. You came out to meet me on a bank Holiday too and have been super kind and helpful. What an amazing thing you are doing and person you are. This truly makes a difference to people's lives you are one on a million"
"Thankyou so much for the carpet for my stepdaughters new house.
They laid it themselves and are absolutely thrilled with it. Thankyou so much we couldn’t have done this without your help"
"Wow what an amazing difference. Thank you Pia. I am so grateful.

Also a huge thank you to Walker Freeman for fitting it for me. Love my new carpet"

"Would like to thank this group and Pia for carpets I got, I've lived in my house for nearly 3 years and was a massive expense to have it carpeted and had no means of getting the money together in such a huge chunk especially when covid hit."
"Thank you Pia for sourcing carpet for our boys bedroom. He is so happy with it and can now play in his room safely without the worry of the carpet grippers being on show."
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